Community Basics Will No Longer Pursue the Development of Sunnyside

In consultation with its Board of Directors and the City of Lancaster, Community Basics, Inc. will no longer pursue the development of the Sunnyside peninsula.

“Although the Sunnyside Final Plan Phase 1 recently received conditional plan approvals from the City of Lancaster, CBI has determined the project’s remaining hurdles are insurmountable and the project is unable to come to fruition” said CBI’s Executive Director, Lisa Greener.

Community Basics, Inc. and its partners dedicated significant time – nearly 20 years – and resources to design a mix of single-family homes, duplexes, and apartments on Sunnyside.  This decision was not made lightly. “CBI recognizes the project now has obstacles which cannot be overcome.  We appreciate the ongoing support received from the City throughout the development process” said Lisa Greener.

“I appreciate CBI’s commitment to seeing this project through. Unfortunately, the last hurdles to clear were insurmountable and I respect the board’s decision. At this time, the City intends to hit pause and reassess the future of Sunnyside given that the City will continue to retain ownership” said Mayor Danene Sorace.

Community Basics, Inc. continues to remain dedicated to providing affordable housing in Lancaster City and County and hopes to partner with the City in the future to combat the affordable housing crisis.

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